How NETLAB+ Is Empowering the BACCC to Close the IT Skills Gap

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As the IT skills gap widens, major employers have begun looking beyond four-year universities for trained IT professionals. IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Cisco—some of the world’s biggest technology brands have recently made headlines for recruitment programs aimed at attracting talent from community colleges. And it’s no surprise, because there’s no better place to find candidates with […]

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From World Languages Teacher to LPIC-1 Certification: The Road to Linux Mastery with Adam Anderson

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Have you ever thought about changing careers and breaking into the IT field? Or, maybe you’re already in IT and dream about leaving the helpdesk behind for a more challenging and rewarding career as a system administrator? Every year, millions of people do just that. But the big question is: How? How do you get […]

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Linux Cheat Sheet

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The Linux kernel has found its way into an incredible number of diverse systems. It can now be found in everything from automobiles to rockets, watches to televisions, and netbooks to the fastest supercomputers. Linux only accounts for a relatively small percentage of the operating systems found on desktop computers, but has gained widespread use […]

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Technologies Are Converging in Linux

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  Interview with Cisco Support Engineer Helmut Heise We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Helmut Heise, a Customer Support Engineer at Cisco, to discuss the future of Linux in networking and other applications. Read the interview to learn why Helmut believes Linux is an essential skill for any engineer interested in a […]

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Linux is No Longer Optional

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Interview with Cisco TAC Engineer, Nick Goldwater We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Nick Goldwater, a TAC (Technical Assistance Center) Engineer at Cisco, to discuss the future of Linux in networking and other applications. Read the interview to learn why Nick believes Linux is an essential skill for all engineers interested in […]

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2016 Customer Satisfaction Survey—See the Results!

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See why our customers love their experience with the NDG Online Linux courses. Explore our Linux courses and gain the skills you need to advance your career or get Linux certified!  

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25 Cool Linux Facts

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Invented a quarter century ago by the 21-year-old Linus Torvalds as a free operating system (OS) for Intel x86-based personal computers, Linux is the leading OS for servers, mainframes, and supercomputers. In fact, this free, open-source OS now powers thousands of applications around the world, from air traffic control to ocean robots to spacecraft.   […]

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Linux Is Everywhere Infographic

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Phones, cars, even space ships. Just about everywhere you look these days, you’ll find Linux—and Linux professionals—helping our world run better. Explore the infographic below to learn about the expanding role of Linux, and then download our Linux Career Guide to see how you can be apart of it.

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Eight Cool Places to Work with Linux

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You may know of the video streaming service Netflix, which happens to account for an estimated 33% of all Internet traffic during peak hours. What you may not know is how much of this infrastructure is running Linux. Depending on demand, the Netflix website can use 500 to 1000 virtual Linux servers running in AWS […]

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Set a Course for Linux Mastery

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If you are considering a career in information technology you are probably aware of the Linux operating system and its prevalence across all information technology platforms including cloud, network, mobile, social and Big Data. Look at any of the popular job sites like Indeed, Dice, Glassdoor, or LinkedIn and search for Linux and you will […]

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