From Student to Mentor: Estrella Mountain Lab Student Becomes an Instructor in the Same Classroom

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We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Professor Tracy Baker, Computer Information Systems Residential Faculty at Estrella Mountain Community College (EMCC). In this interview, he discusses how his career path lead him to go back to school at EMCC for multiple degrees, certifications and then eventually to teach in the same classrooms where […]

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Cisco Networking Academy Helps Close the IT Skills Gap at Chapel Hill High School

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A new school year is underway, and at Chapel Hill High School (CHHS) in North Carolina that means a new class of students who will begin something very different from the traditional set of humanities, math and science classes. CHHS is part of a growing movement among high schools to offer computer science and engineering […]

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Northern New Mexico College Expands IT Program with Virtualization Platform

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Northern New Mexico College (NNMC) is a small college that primarily serves minority students in the rural communities surrounding Española, NM. NNMC’s IT program has only been operating for nine years, yet it’s been awarded several prestigious National Science Foundation grants and has quickly expanded both its curriculum and its reach. In this interview, Department […]

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From Packages to Packets: Northern New Mexico College Graduate Launches New IT Career

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Just a few years ago, Chase Harrison was working as a shipping clerk in a Colorado paper warehouse when a routine upgrade to the warehouse logistics network brought the shipping department to a standstill—and set him on an inspiring new path towards a career in IT networking and high-performance computing. “We were waiting for a […]

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Developing the Next Generation of Linux Engineers at UKFast

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We live in an increasingly open-source world. Look around, and you’ll find Linux in everything from cars to space ships. But what you won’t find are many unemployed Linux professionals. The rapid adoption of Linux in these and thousands of other applications has led to a growing Linux skills gap. Today, 65% of hiring managers […]

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Preparing Veterans to Become Linux Heroes at Richland College

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There’s never been a better time to earn a Linux certification. With Linux as the foundation for so much technology and innovation around the world, demand for certified professionals continues to increase in everything from cloud computing to space stations, and beyond. According to the 2017 Open Source Jobs Report, 65% of hiring managers are […]

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Closing the Skills Gap in Rural North Carolina, and Beyond: An Interview with Kelly Caudle at Stanly Community College

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We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Kelly Caudle, Program Head of the Cisco Networking Academy, VMware Academy, and IT Academy at Stanly Community College (SCC). In this interview, he discusses his experience using NETLAB+ to deliver IT courses to students and instructors across the Southeast. Get the case study to learn more […]

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How NETLAB+ Is Empowering the BACCC to Close the IT Skills Gap

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As the IT skills gap widens, major employers have begun looking beyond four-year universities for trained IT professionals. IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Cisco—some of the world’s biggest technology brands have recently made headlines for recruitment programs aimed at attracting talent from community colleges. And it’s no surprise, because there’s no better place to find candidates with […]

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From World Languages Teacher to LPIC-1 Certification: The Road to Linux Mastery with Adam Anderson

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Have you ever thought about changing careers and breaking into the IT field? Or, maybe you’re already in IT and dream about leaving the helpdesk behind for a more challenging and rewarding career as a system administrator? Every year, millions of people do just that. But the big question is: How? How do you get […]

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Linux Cheat Sheet

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The Linux kernel has found its way into an incredible number of diverse systems. It can now be found in everything from automobiles to rockets, watches to televisions, and netbooks to the fastest supercomputers. Linux only accounts for a relatively small percentage of the operating systems found on desktop computers, but has gained widespread use […]

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