When a little taste is just enough: NDG Linux Unhatched

By / December 26, 2016 / / 0 Comments

Keeping up with the latest technology can be challenging in any field, whether you are just getting starting with your career or a seasoned professional expanding your role. As the popularity of Linux continues to grow in the workplace, it is important for staff at all levels to develop their Linux skills.

Recently, I was speaking with someone who was facing this challenge, “Maxine”, a mid-level manager with concerns about communicating with her technical staff. “As a starting point, I need to know enough to have a productive conversation”, Maxine replied, when I asked about her interest in pursuing technical training. Of course, I was happy to let her know about NDG Linux Unhatched, a course designed to provide a short introduction to the world of Linux.

A quick online introduction to Linux is perfect for busy professionals like Maxine, but it is also an effective way to explore Linux for students and recent graduates who are just getting started finding their way in the workplace. And the best part? There’s no cost, with NDG Linux Unhatched,  you learn the basics for FREE! This is hands-on training; you actually get to enter commands in a Linux environment where it’s ok to experiment, make mistakes and take your time getting comfortable learning basic Linux skills. That’s a real game changer compared to spending hours reading a dry technical manual (who has time for that?).

But be warned, once you get a “taste” of Linux with NDG Linux Unhatched, it may leave you wanting more. You can broaden your knowledge with the NDG Linux Essentials course or NDG Introduction to Linux courses and gain certification-level skills.