NETLAB+ 2014.R1 addresses issues with Java 7u51 update

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NDG has identified a conflict with the new Java 7 Update 51 software update (released January 14, 2014).  The Java update prevents the NETLAB+ CLI Terminal and Remote PC Viewers from functioning properly.  NETLAB+ 2014.R1 addresses these issues and will be automatically distributed to all systems in the next several days.  If you are experiencing viewer related problems between now and the general release of the new software, please contact NDG support and we will expedite your update.

Please note that when a viewer is opened, users will now be required to click on the Run button in the Java notification window.

Its clear that Java has lost the battle for the modern web and it will become increasingly difficult to support Java applications launched from within a web browser.  Therefore, eliminating Java from our applications is now a top priority for the NETLAB+ product.  I will comment more about this effort in upcoming posts.

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