Palo Alto Networks VM-50 Firewall Appliance Certificate Error

Palo Alto Networks recently announced an issue with their VM-50 Firewall Appliance Certificate. You will need to download and deploy the updated VMs. You can download the new VM OVAs from CSSIA. Please read the instructions in the attached pdf document for more information. The following lab libraries are impacted: Palo Alto Networks – Cloud Security […]

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Updated Advisement on log4j and Virtualization Guidance

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Thank you for choosing NDG to support your IT training program. Previously, we shared information with you regarding a workaround from VMware to address the log4j exploit. VMware has updated their workaround instructions, please see the VMware KB article for details. NDG recommends that you plan to update your vCenter Server to the recommended version […]

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Regarding the log4j Exploit: Updated Advisement from VMware

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Recently, we shared information with you regarding a workaround from VMware to address the log4j exploit. The workaround is considered a temporary solution and may not adequately address all attack vectors. VMware has updated their instructions to indicate they will address the issue in forthcoming releases to vCenter Server. Please refer to the following KB […]

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Regarding the log4j Exploit: Workaround from VMware

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As you are likely already aware, a critical vulnerability was recently disclosed in Java logging package log4j. It has been brought to our attention that while the log4j exploit does not affect NETLAB+ VE directly, it does affect VMware vCenter.  VMware has issued the following KB article to provide a workaround to protect systems while they work on […]

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Updates to NETLAB+ Supported Content

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We’d like to make you aware of several updates to our supported content offerings. The release notes pages linked below include instructions on updating the content on your NETLAB+ system (via the Course Manager in the NETLAB+ administrator interface). General IT and Cybersecurity Release Notes – Updates for the following lab series: NDG – Ethical Hacking v2 […]

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Additional NETLAB+ Topology Support for Cisco CCNAv7 Labs

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We want to make you aware of additional topology support added for the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNAv7) labs. The lab series listed below are now also supported by the Multi-Purpose Academy Pod (MAP), and Multi-Purpose Academy Pod w/ASA (MAP w/ASA) in addition to the Multi-Device Pod (MDP): CCNA1: Introduction to Networks v7 CCNA2: Switching, Routing, and Wireless Essentials […]

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VMware vSphere 7.0 Currently Not Supported for NETLAB+ VE

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We want to make you aware of the current status of VMware virtualization products used with NETLAB+. NETLAB+ integrates with VMware vSphere to provide powerful and cost-effective remote PC support.  VMware vSphere 7.0:  NOT COMPATIBLE WITH NETLAB+ VE At this time, we ask that you do not update your virtual infrastructure to VMware vSphere 7.0.  vSphere […]

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Potential Security Issue: vCenter 6.7 Vulnerability

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We were made aware of a potential security issue with vCenter Server v6.7.  Please note, this only affects vCenter Server installations that were upgraded from 6.0 to 6.7, or from 6.5 to 6.7. This does NOT affect ESXi host servers. Our normal recommendation is that a fresh vCenter Server Appliance be deployed instead of upgrading.  If you […]

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NETLAB+ Virtual Machine Update for Red Hat Labs

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Please be advised that some necessary modifications have been made to a virtual machine in the Red Hat System Administration Pod, which is used to support the following labs: Red Hat System Administration I (RH124) Red Hat System Administration II (RH134) Red Hat System Administration III (RH254) Please complete the following steps to obtain the updated […]

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GDPR Compliance for NETLAB+ Customers

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Due to recent General Data Protection Requirements (GDPR), we would like to bring to your attention the availability of the NETLAB+ Data Processing Addendum. Also, please be aware of the end-of-service schedule for remote backups (details below), which affects all NETLAB AE/PE systems both within and outside the European Union (EU). Data Processing Addendum For […]

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