Regarding the log4j Exploit: Updated Advisement from VMware

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Recently, we shared information with you regarding a workaround from VMware to address the log4j exploit. The workaround is considered a temporary solution and may not adequately address all attack vectors. VMware has updated their instructions to indicate they will address the issue in forthcoming releases to vCenter Server. Please refer to the following KB […]

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Regarding the log4j Exploit: Workaround from VMware

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As you are likely already aware, a critical vulnerability was recently disclosed in Java logging package log4j. It has been brought to our attention that while the log4j exploit does not affect NETLAB+ VE directly, it does affect VMware vCenter.  VMware has issued the following KB article to provide a workaround to protect systems while they work on […]

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Cisco Network Security v1 Labs Now Available for NETLAB+

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NDG is pleased to announce the addition of the Cisco Network Security v1 labs for NETLAB+ VE.  The Network Security curriculum prepares learners to design, implement, and support security for networked devices and ensure their integrity. Hands-on labs allow learners to practice the skills needed to become Network Security professionals and play a vital role in protecting […]

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Ethical Hacking v2 (Series-2) Labs Now Available on NDG Online

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NDG is pleased to announce the following update to our course and lab offerings available on NDG Online: NDG Ethical Hacking (Series-2) v2 – NDG Ethical Hacking v2, developed by NDG, focuses on one of the most challenging sectors of cybersecurity. This series of labs is designed to provide hands-on experience conducting a variety of ethical hacking […]

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Palo Alto Networks PAN10 EDU-210 Labs Now Available for NETLAB+

Thank you for choosing NETLAB+ to support your educational programs. NDG is pleased to announce the following lab library has been added to our supported curriculum content options for NETLAB+ VE.  Palo Alto Networks Firewall Essentials v10.0 (EDU-210)  These labs will enhance the student’s understanding of how to configure and manage Palo Alto Networks’ next-generation […]

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Updated VMware Cloud and Virtualization Concepts Micro-Course

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NDG, in partnership with the VMware IT Academy, is pleased to announce a refreshed version of our Cloud and Virtualization Concepts micro-course. The course now includes updated graphics and new material focused on container technology concepts—a popular advancement in virtualization technology.  This content provides learners with the basic concepts related to virtualization, the software-defined data center, cloud computing, […]

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Updates to NETLAB+ Supported Content

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We’d like to make you aware of several updates to our supported content offerings. The release notes pages linked below include instructions on updating the content on your NETLAB+ system (via the Course Manager in the NETLAB+ administrator interface). General IT and Cybersecurity Release Notes – Updates for the following lab series: NDG – Ethical Hacking v2 […]

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Access Your Labs and Courses from Your LMS

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It has become increasingly popular in institutes of higher education to use a Learning Management System (LMS), education technology that provides a cohesive online environment and facilitates the sharing of resources such as syllabus information and other course-related content. The LMS environment can also be beneficial as a means of communication between instructor/student and for […]

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VMware DCV-CTS Labs Now Available on NDG Online

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NDG is pleased to announce the following addition to our course and lab offerings available on NDG Online: VMware IT Academy Data Center Virtualization – Core Technical Skills These labs enable learners to build an understanding of virtualization and vSphere concepts, along with knowledge of data center technology and basic troubleshooting concepts. Learners will also build […]

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Cisco CCNP Enterprise: Advanced Routing and Services (ENARSI) v8 Labs Now Available for NETLAB+ VE

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NDG is pleased to announce the latest addition to our supported curriculum content available for NETLAB+ VE.  CCNP Enterprise: Advanced Routing and Services (ENARSI) v8 Gain the knowledge needed to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot an enterprise network and explore advanced routing and infrastructure technologies. Learners taking the Cisco CCNP Enterprise: Advanced Routing course will be prepared […]

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