Access Your Labs and Courses from Your LMS

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It has become increasingly popular in institutes of higher education to use a Learning Management System (LMS), education technology that provides a cohesive online environment and facilitates the sharing of resources such as syllabus information and other course-related content. The LMS environment can also be beneficial as a means of communication between instructor/student and for facilitating grading and assessment of assignments. An LMS may also function as a communications hub to support student collaboration.

Some of the most widely used LMS applications include Blackboard, Moodle, and Canvas; these applications are often branded and customized to reflect the school’s unique identity and contribute to fostering a sense of community, recognizing that the online environment beyond the classroom is vitally important in meeting the needs of today’s students.

Another compelling reason for a school to use an LMS is that it can act as a one-stop destination for students and instructors to access externally-hosted learning tools used to enhance the educational experience. Students will have the advantage and convenience of access to labs, along with other class materials, through a single sign-on.

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits, let’s take a look at how NDG’s remote lab solutions, NETLAB+ and NDG Online, can be configured for access through your school’s LMS (supported LMS options include Canvas, Blackboard, and Moodle).

NETLAB+ supports LMS-LTI integration, using Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI), a standard protocol developed by the IMS Global Learning Consortium for integrating any Learning Management System (LMS) with any learning application. LTI is essentially plug-and-play; the NETLAB+ administrator or instructor integrates access to NETLAB+ from their LMS using the LMS access key and common cartridge.

A selection of NDG Online labs and courses support access through your school’s LMS. Learners’ outcomes and grades will be posted to your LMS. Similar to NETLAB+, NDG Online uses LTI for integration; instructors and administrators integrate access to the NDG Online Lab Service from their LMS using the LMS access key and common cartridge provided by NDG.

Want to learn more? See the NETLAB+ VE LMS LTI Integration Guide for guidance on LMS access to your NETLAB+ system. For instructors using NDG Online, please see Getting Started with LMS.