NDG Webinar Announcement

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NDG has been preparing a new version of NETLAB+. We have also been adding new courses and lab libraries to help you support your learners. We need a few instructors and administrators to give us feedback. Our main goals are the following: 1) We want to verify the NETLAB+ VE business model will help meet your organizational goals. 2) We want to present the lab content we have added for NETLAB+. For example, the Palo Alto Networks Academy lab environment to NETLAB+ will deploy a new model for learning. 3) We have also developed an online platform that is currently hosting Linux courses. This is a cloud model. We would value the opportunity to present to a few “volunteer” instructors and administrators to understand your thoughts about the NETLAB+ model and the online cloud-based service option.

What will be covered during this session:
1. Present the NETLAB+ VE business model. (When we release NETLAB+ VE you will have a license right to VE if you have a license current on support for AE or PE).
2. Demo of the NETLAB+ VE user interface for learners
3. Present the Palo Alto Networks Academy lab topology for NETLAB+
4. Present the NDG Linux courses available to Cisco Networking Academy and the Red Hat Academy lab setup for NETLAB+
5. Present new content that has been added to NETLAB+
6. Learn what new content you would value for your learners

Since the purpose of this webinar is to receive input and feedback from a subset of our customers, we will limit the audience to 25 or less people to make sure we have a manageable number. If you would like to attend one of the webinars, please contact us. In the subject, list the date and time of the webinar you would like to reserve a slot. Webinar dates:

August 3rd at 10 AM US Eastern
August 4th at 4 PM US Eastern

Note: Additional webinars will be scheduled for the end of August and during September. This session is the first in the series to share information with a few instructors for feedback and input.

Thank you for using NDG products and services! We value the opportunity to serve you and your learners!