NETLAB+ Software Upgrade – Customer Action Required

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NDG is pleased to announce that a major software update will be made available for your NETLAB+ system.  Due to the complexity, unlike previous software updates, this update will not take place automatically.  You must contact NDG in order to have the updated software installed on your NETLAB+ system.  This update includes the components described below.

HTTPS Encryption Feature

This update includes conditional implementation of an HTTPS encryption feature.  Customer systems must be running NDG branded hardware in order to receive this feature. Due to legal issues, this feature will be enabled depending on your location.  In general, this feature will be made available for all systems in the United States, Canada, Latin America, and most of Western Europe with other countries evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


We are also pleased to announce the availability of additional course content.

  • NISGTC A+v2
  • NISGTC Network Security
  • EMC ISMv2

For the new content offerings listed below, enhanced VMware capabilities included with this NETLAB+ software update are required.   These courses will be made available upon request. You must have the software update installed on your NETLAB+ system, prior to receiving these courses.

  • VMware VCA DCV

For a complete list of content offerings:

Please contact us to let us know when this software update may be implemented.  Given the complexity of the upgrade, we want to work with you to ensure that service interruptions are kept to a minimum.

To submit a support request: