Status of NDG Products and Services

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To keep you aware of our latest innovations, here is a quick summary of the status of our three core products/services: NETLAB+, Centralized NETLAB+ and our new course, NDG Linux Essentials.

First, we want to share with you our continued commitment and investment in NETLAB+.  We are proud to say that the NETLAB+ community continues to grow, both with new customers and with many of our longest customers expanding their systems to serve the increasing demand for ICT training.  Our retention rate is in the 90th percentile.  We want to thank you for your investment in the  NETLAB+ program! NDG is investing in future upgrades that will include SSL, HTML5 (new viewer to replace JAVA) and lab libraries aligned to our partner programs.  Using the NETLAB+ remote access solution, your organization controls the class offerings, instructor accounts, student accounts and configuration of both virtual machines and real gear for instructional access.  Through our continuous efforts to grow and innovate, NETLAB+’s capabilities continue to evolve, allowing us to support a wide variety of curriculum content options in a variety of disciplines including networking, virtualization, storage and cyber security.  Please take a moment to review the content options available for your NETLAB+ system (click the link of any content category below to see a list):

We are offering courses through our Centralized NETLAB+ system, a NETLAB+ system that is hosted and administered by NDG.  Students and instructors are issued accounts to access the system.  NDG offers a hosted lab service for VMware vSphere ICM, EMC Information Storage and Management (ISM) and EMC Cloud Infrastructure and Services (CIS).  This system is not designed to replace NETLAB+ systems that our customers host.  This system is designed to help academic institutions with small student bases (that cannot justify or receive funding) and economically challenged regions of the world.  This service will not offer all lab libraries distributed to NETLAB+ systems our customers host.

NDG is excited to offer the NDG Linux Essentials course, which provides an introduction to Linux.  NDG Linux Essentials is available free of charge for instructor-led training to Cisco Networking Academies and is delivered through Cisco NetSpace.  Knowledge of Linux is an essential skill for a wide variety of careers in business and information technology.  The course, which is designed to be delivered through a Learning Management System (LMS), includes curriculum content, lab exercises, and assessment.  Each learner has hands-on access to a Linux virtual machine, allowing students to practice and explore at the Linux command line, as they progress through the course.  Additional courses, including LPIC-1 (series 1 exam # 101) and LPIC-1 (series 2 exam #102) are currently under development and will be available for a fee (fees for these courses provide the funding that allows us to offer NDG Linux Essentials free of charge for instructor-led training to Cisco Networking Academies).  The NDG Linux Essentials course will also be made available to other audiences, including self-paced learning, for a fee.