Free Access Offer for Introduction to Linux I and II

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During this challenging time, many Cisco Networking Academies have found it necessary to shift from in-person instruction to alternative course delivery. The Linux courses developed by NDG provide an online learning environment that learners can easily access right from a web browser.

To help instructors that need to teach Linux online, NDG is sponsoring Linux I and Linux II for Cisco Networking Academies for sixty (60) days. Our goal is to help instructors that may need to shift from in-person to online courses to finish the semester.  For sixty (60) days, from April 1st to June 1st, NDG will provide learner access at no cost when instructors create a Linux I or Linux II course in

Please note, because this sponsorship will be funded from April 1st to June 1st, this means that each learner will have sixty days to claim their access, and once the learner has access and begins the class, they will have ninety (90) days of access to the course content.  For example, if, as an instructor, you create a course on April 5th and your learners/students claim access on April 10th, your learners/students will have until July 10th to complete the assigned course content.

You’ll find additional details concerning the offer here. Please also consider passing this information on to any colleagues that might find it beneficial.